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Blog: The Pit of Saron

Posted by 'J'

Well what an instance! My first thoughts when I heard that blizzard were creating 3 new instances for us to play in where "Well that's another 3 to add to my daily grind, joy." However I have been pleasantly (if not a little frustratingly) surprised by what I've encountered!

I've played both a healing and DPS role so far and I can certainly say that the mobs are tough as nails (in Heroic mode) and certainly keep you on your toes if you're a healer let alone anything else. The first boss is Forgemaster Garfrost, an interesting fellow that has a facination with lobbing saronite bolders at you and you team mates. Not only that he has a nasty Permafrost debuff that ticks every 2/3 seconds and increasingly does more and more damage to you and your team. The first time I encountered this I was healing and didn't realise that the boulders are what you have to use to get out of line of site to let the stacking debuff drop off. I wondered why I was having to use my biggest heals almost constantly to keep people up. Took about 4 attempts to get this mother down but we did and out mage got a nice shiny dagger.

The next boss was also a pain in the backside and I've yet to manage to down him even though the theory is easy, Krick and Ick (an obvious take from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome's Master Blaster). His abilities remind me a lot of Naxx except of course the bombs that he chases you with. Is actually a really fun fight and once everyone is more familiar it will be easy to complete. Think back to Violet Hold and a couple of the mobs there, namely Xevozz and Zuramat who I remember being fairly challenging at the beginning as well as Utgarde Pinnacle and Skadi the Ruthless which I still have known pugs to wipe on before now.

So the new instances are certainly getting everyone up to speed on the challenges that lay in weight for us ahead and the difficulty that no doubt will get harder as we venture into the Icecrown Citadel which I have scheduled for Tuesday so lets hope I've got my head around these new instances by then! All in all I think that the best way to handle any new instance/raid like this is just to do some research, get on and and read/watch till you are sure of what is going to happen.

The group of instances are called the Frozen Halls and the main wiki pages is:

Good Luck!