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Title: Bringing the Light
Author: Solitarium
Genre: Fan Fiction
Rating: 8/10

So far I've read the first chapter and I must say that the author Solitarium has done a great job. The first part is inticing and makes me want to keep on reading, in fact I've been hooked for the last two days.
So far the story has lead us down a sweet path showing us the tale of a simple family of baker who are at the unfortunate hand of the Scourge. We've witnessed their retreat to Lordaeron and the beginnings of the betrayal of Arthas and their retreat to the Scarlet Monastery. I can't wait for the next chapter to see what else lies in store for them all.

The part that particularly sticks in my mind is the description of the battle and the foot of the Scarlet Monastery, a fantastic and realistic chapter that kept me hooked the whole way through. I particularly liked the references to the World of Warcraft abilities that are present in game yet so often not used in fiction in the correct way.

A great read and I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good WoW story.