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Yes finally I am the proud owner of this book and so far what a book. I am merely at Chapter 3 and I am already hooked, in fact I was hooked in the prologue. So why has it taken so long to get? I first decided not to be like the rest and sleep outside waterstones to ensure that I had my copy, instead I would just wait it out. Surely after the first month the rush would die down and once again I would be able to buy this book and no doubt for cheaper too.

In that seemingly logical approach I failed miserably. I seriously underestimated the volume of fans that wanted the be part of this novel, to absorb its lore and to be more immersed in the actually story line that is current in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. The game itself has the whole story there for you to be part of however it is very easy to miss all the lore when you are focusing on levelling your character as there is a tendency, especially with add-ons such as Questhelper, to plough through rather than taking your time to read the quest log or listen to the conversations from the NPCs, I myself am guilty of all the above. So its taken me months to get my hands on this, I will admit I wasn’t desperate I knew it would be mine eventually, with thanks to the glorious marketplace seller Paperbackshop for getting this to me despite the recent foot of snow that has fell across England.

As soon as I finish it I will be sure to post a review, however I’ve been rather naughty as I was a third of the way into Rise of the Horde which I have shelved to get this one read. /smack