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Lights Breach
Posted by 'J'

I love the lore of Warcraft, it grabs you like no other novels I've read, simply because you can relate to it. Those few character names you remember or perhaps a location that you've been to during the long grind to 85. If for some reason you've not yet installed cataclysm or haven't been on to play since patch 4.0.1 then read The Shattering first. I was very luck to have pre-ordered my copy of the book and read it the moment it landed on my door mat, all I can say is that i cant wait for my brain to forget some of it so i can read it again.

The book is very well written and really sets the scene for the changes in the lore of World of Warcraft. I won't spoil the story for you in case you've not yet experienced it but i implore you to get online and experience it as soon as possible.

Hopefully we will see the next instalment of this novel soon as i am looking forward to seeing what happens next in this ever changing world that we are all involved in.